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Virgin Relationship 2010 1 Part 7 End

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18+ edited
Japanese title : Virgin na Kankei 2
English title : Virgin Relationship 2
Cast : Saori HARA, Risa KASUMI
Running time: 72 min.
Release Dated : 2010

Tadashi KIMIJIMA was a regular guy who works for a company. He has been seeing a girl who is his boss at the office. His girlfriend Kana is a very tough boss but she is a sweet girl to him at home. One day, Tadashi made a huge mistake which caused a big trouble to Kana and her team. Since then, their relationship gets sharky and Kana was approached by her boss Kurosaki, who is a senior to her and has more experiences.
Tadashi is trying to get Kana back but it seems to be a bit confused situation...

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