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But Mostly Metal - Toehider The Most Metal Song Ever

Download But Mostly Metal - Toehider (the Most Metal Song EVER).mp3

The most metal song the world!! to download the mp3!


Metal Metal Metal, is falling on my steel
Icy cold and iron hot, the world before me kneel
I bring to you a metal hymn, perhaps a metal carol
A plethora of steely treats, there's metal by the barrel
There's leather in my metal on my chopper made of fire
(It's a chopper/valkrie hybrid) blasting through a metal pyre
I bare the weight of metal, as I'm loaded with the might
No-one dare to challenge me, I've already won the fight

We play for for sorcery, and magic, and wizards and pain
We play for couldrens, and demons and souls die in vain
We play for Satan, vikings, axes, fire, volcanos, muscles, death....
...but mostly metal.

My index is extended, oww and my pinky too.
Denim, spikes and patches, chains and leather through and through.
I signed my name in blood it made me feel a little woozy!
Coz when your starving for the metal then beggars can't be choosy.
We live for warlords, and victory, and tattoos and mead
We live for dragons and Odin and spreading our seed
We live for hammers, solos, boots, moustaches, armies, blood and sweat....

...but mostly metal....
...metal.... AHHHH!!!

I'm going mad with metal, all I see is metal skies
The water runs with metal and without it I will die
The mountain's made of metal and there's metal in the hills
I've changed my name to metal, just call me 'Metal Mills!'

I'd really love to stay and chat, about my metal story
But it's here that I must leave you on my path of metal glory
I swore my soul to metal, but it's getting hard to tell
Just really where I'm headed, to valhalla? or to hell?

We fight for honour and safety, electricity
We live for reference sections in the library
We fight for armour, captains, glass eyes, wenches, basements, Wagner, pants and gloves and buckles, glory, Castle Greyskull, welding, Giants, Egypt, oil and gnomes, and thunder, some more wenches, Krom and other things...
....but mostly metaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal.

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