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Denace - Farewell - Lyrics Hd

Download link: Denace - Farewell - Lyrics (HD).mp3

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Created by: Alex Wallace
Denace - Farewell - New Video

In late 2012, the song was uploaded under the name, Eminem - Say Goodbye by an un-named YouTube user. This was a mistake, as many users assume that it's Eminem, thus, this started a long debate about who it actually is. The song and lyrics are by Denace. He is not "an Eminem wannabe", he is an artist trying to survive, with a voice that happens to sound similar to Eminem. If you don't like the way it sounds, then don't listen to it. If you don't wanna listen to it because you think he's a poser, or an Eminem - Wannabe, it's your loss.

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