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Cyclings Greatest Fraud Lance Armstrong National Geographic Documentary

Download link: Cycling's Greatest Fraud: Lance Armstrong National Geographic Documentary.mp3

Cycling's Greatest Fraud: Lance Armstrong National Geographic Documentary

This Nat Geo special dissects the story of the science and scheming behind what's been called "the most sophisticated and successful doping scheme in all of sports".

Piece together eyewitness testimonies and delve into the illicit science to discover how the USADA says the doping plot began and then mushroomed in its complexity.

With new interviews from key members of his inner circle, see how Armstrong went to great lengths to protect his secret and his legacy, by using all the powers at his command to silence and attack critics, while assuring the public that his blood was as clean as his public image.

But, in the end, his empire collapsed, as the scheming unravelled and the science finally caught up with Armstrong.

Lance Armstrong Official Site: http://www.lancearmstrong.com/
National Geographic: http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/

The original video was created by Nat Geo and available through Creative Commons License through YouTube's video editor.

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